El Hefe

Weissbier 10A Award Winner!!

Brewers Notes:

2019 - 2nd Place, “Overall” at Hopslingers/Karben4’s I’d Tap That German Brew-Off

2019 - 1st Place, “Table 5” at South Central WI Area Counties Cup

2019 - 1st Place, “Wheat Beers” at Manitowoc County Fair

2019 - Reserve Grand Champion Best of Show at Manitowoc County Fair (2nd Overall)

Volume Into Fermenter: 5.5 gallons






-Dough in Ferulic Acid rest at 1.0 qt/lb

-Ferulic Acid rest needs to be done with a mash pH 5.7-5.9

-Adjust mash pH for conversion after Ferulic Acid rest

-Infuse to hit Beta Amylase rest at 1.6 qt/lb

-Decoction performed to go from Beta Rest to Alpha Rest

-Decoction not necessary, as infusion would suffice, but decoction reportedly helps with head retention and turbidity stability.

-90 minute boil

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