Agave Punch

Gose 27A Award Winner!!

Brewers Notes:

2019 - 1st, “Table 6” at South Central WI Area Counties Cup

Volume Into Fermenter: 5.5 gallons






  • Post-Mash kettle souring:
    • After mashing, runoff to achieve wort associated with 15 minute boil
    • Add 1.7mL/gal Lactic Acid to pre-sour wort and prevent infection during souring and improve head retention
    • Heat to and hold at 160-170°F for 10min with chiller in place. This low temp allows for pasteurization while avoiding DMS generation
    • Cool to 90°F, pitch contents of lacto capsules (1 cap/gallon), saran wrap, insulate, and let free fall for 3 days
  • Post-souring, boil for 15min with hops, salt, coriander, and wort chiller in place
  • Chill, pitch sacc yeast, and ferment as a typical ale
  • Tinctures to add in keg/bottling bucket at packaging time:
    • Soak zest of 3 limes in 3/4c tequila for 2 weeks with occasional swirling
    • Soak 2 oz oak cubes in 3/4c tequila for 2 weeks with occasional swirling
    • Strain tinctures and add to taste

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