Brew Book*

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The Hopslingers Brew Book

These are tried and true recipes from active Hopslinger members. Prost!

# Beer Name BJCP Style Hopslinger Recipe Awards
1 Velvet Elvis 16B Oatmeal Stout Garrett Velvet Elvis 2
2 Mexican Lager 2A Mexican Lager/International Pale Lager Jeff Mexican Lager 0
3 Yo Mommas Wee Heavy 17C Wee Heavy Aaron Yo Mommas Wee Heavy 0
4 Frostbite 2B International Amber Lager Garrett Frostbite 0
5 El Hefe 10A Weissbier Garrett El Hefe 4
6 Mentality Giant 22B Imperial Red Jacob Mentality Giant 1
7 Agave Punch 27A Gose Garrett Agave Punch 1
8 Bonfire 22A Classic Rauchbier Garrett Bonfire 1
9 Lipstick Mustache 11C English Pale Ale Jacob Lipstick Mustache 0
10 Solar Flare 25B Saison Jacob Solar Flare 0
11 Victory Bell 25C Golden Strong Jacob Victroy Bell 0
12 The Drews: Homer, Bryce, and Scott(ch) Ale 17C Wee Heavy Jacob The Drews: Homer, Bryce, and Scott(ch) Ale 0

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