Individual and Hopslinger winnings


I'd Tap That! Full Results

Ave Score / Beer

7.71 - Grapefruit Beermosa / Hefe

7.37 - El Hefe / Hefe

6.70 - Ulf Merbold / Hefe

6.65 - Chili Pili / Pilsner

6.64 - Aufwarmen / Maibock

6.58 - Bock Hudson / Maibock

6.54 - Steinbock / Maibock

6.40 - Sunshine Nap / Maibock

6.31 - Salmon Slap / Weizenbock

6.28 - Wild Blue Yonder / Hefe

5.39 - Gassi Gehen / Hefe

Brian & Garret

Stout Contest, March 23rd, 2019

Two Hopslingers were represented this year in a Stout competition organized by our friends at the Wine & Hop Shop. Brian pulled in 2nd place in the Imperial Stout category and Garret snagged 3rd in the Wall to Wall Stout category. This years Stout competiton helped raise over $1000 for the Dane County Humane Society.

Stout Contest results


Hoptoberfest, September 29th, 2018

This years 1st place winner in the "Other" category was our very own John. He brewed a Coconut flavored IPA. The slight but noticable coconut flavor helped him dominate the "Other" category. Hoptoberfest is a yearly competition held by the Wine & Hop Shop at the Italians Workmans Club on Regent St. Proceeds go directly to the Goodman Community Food Center.

Hoptoberfest results


Parks & Trails Unite Festival, June 2nd, 2018

Garret took 1st place at the Parks & Trails Unite Festival held at McDaniel Park with well over seventy-five patrons sampling. Garret submitted his Sic Semper Cervisiam Kolsch-Style Ale which beat out nine other entries. Garret then got to brew at One Barrel Brewing. This was the first year for the Park & Trails Unite Festival. A majority of the proceeds from this event went to help build the capacity of Dane County volunteers and the sixteen friends groups that support individual county parks.

Dane County Parks