McFarland Area Home Brew Club

About Us

The Hopslingers

Founded in 2017, The Hopslingers are a home brew club located in McFarland, WI. Meetings are held monthly @6:30pm at the McFarland House Cafe. Feel free to stop in to talk all things brewing. All skill levels welcome!

Friends of the Hopslingers

Info about our pals and past events.

Next Meeting

September 26th, 2019 @ McFarland House Cafe 6:30pm

Stop in for a taste and talk beer, brewing, and everything in between. With no membership fees, the Hopslingers welcome anyone interested in homebrewing. Come to a meeting and you're in!


October 24th, 2019 @ McFarland House Cafe 6:30pm

Are YOU up for a challenge?! IRON Brewer is homebrewing with a curveball. Each brewer gets a mystery grain, hop, and specialty ingredient they must make into a delicious home brew or be the one who strikes out! New to the club? Stop by the McFarland House Cafe, everyone is welcome!

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